2017/05/04 【提醒】4月份資料繳交Please submit the work-study counseling record for the month of April

各位教學助理們 您好:


另外,請尚未完成補聽教學助理活動培訓者,最晚於106.05.07前將心得電子檔回傳至承辦人信箱 ,若未完成心得繳交者,將無法核銷本學期教學助理薪資(此規定於工作說明會時已說明,請多加配合)





教發中心 秀芳 敬啟


Dear Teaching Assistants,


Please submit the work-study & learning counseling record and the counseling sign-in sheet for the month of April by May 5, 2017. You can deliver them to the Center for Teaching and Learning Development in person or ask your departmental assistant with manners to do it for you.


In addition, for those who have not completed the training for teaching assistants, please send the reflection report to by May 7, 2017. For those who fail to send the report by the deadline, they will be ineligible to collect the wages for serving as teaching assistants (this rule has been elaborated at the orientation; please obey the rule, thank you).


Last, international students are required to submit a valid work permit and a photocopy of the passport for collecting the wage.


Thank you for your cooperation!



Sincerely yours,